About us

About us

Persuasive, creative and reformist, Thanox is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. 

Thanox is designed specially for youth fashion. Our premium fabric and collection offers a combination on style with comfort. 

The day we quit acting like business people, we’ll be simply one more fashion organization. 

Our prosperity is based on inventiveness, development and the energy of having prompt effect. So whatever our job, we search for circumstance and take activities that set our business moving. We’re actually vieing for each and every customer’s heart, and we make a solid effort to keep on being their best option. Consistently. All over the place.

At Thanox, we do things a little different.

Inclusivity, open-mindedness, and diversity

Taking care of ourselves and each other

Empowering people to live fulfilling lives

Making long-term decisions.

WE ARE Thanox Fashion

Our Values

Independently, our values may appear glaringly evident. In any case, assembled them and our extraordinary organization culture is conceived. Our values are essential for what our identity is, a big motivator for us and how we act.



We are a family, an affection for fashion joins us determined by our longing to make extraordinary plan accessible to everybody in a maintainable manner. Together we offer style, plan and administrations, that empower individuals to be propelled furthermore, to communicate their very own style, making it simpler to live in a more roundabout manner


Being cost-concious is tied in with watching out for costs and making savvy, supportable decisions even in the little, consistently things. So we search for the thoughts and arrangements that carry an incentive to our business, while evading reckless spending.

The most ideal approach to put resources into what’s to come is to take acceptable consideration of our kin, our items, our clients and our planet. How about we utilize our assets dependably.

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